Article 10

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Article 10
Financing of DGSs
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1. Member States shall ensure that DGSs have in place adequate systems to determine their potential liabilities. The available financial means of DGSs shall be proportionate to those liabilities.
DGSs shall raise the available financial means by contributions to be made by their members at least annually. This shall not prevent additional financing from other sources.
2. Member States shall ensure that, by 3 July 2024, the available financial means of a DGS shall at least reach a target level of 0,8 % of the amount of the covered deposits of its members.
Where the financing capacity falls short of the target level, the payment of contributions shall resume at least until the target level is reached again.
If, after the target level has been reached for the first time, the available financial means have been reduced to less than two-thirds of the target level, the regular contribution shall be set at a level allowing the target level to be reached within six years.
The regular contribution shall take due account of the phase of the business cycle, and the impact procyclical contributions may have when setting annual contributions in the context of this Article.
Member States may extend the initial period referred to in the first subparagraph for a maximum of four years if the DGS has made cumulative disbursements in excess of 0,8 % of covered deposits.
4. Notwithstanding paragraph 1 of this Article, a Member State may, for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations thereunder, raise the available financial means through the mandatory contributions paid by credit institutions to existing schemes of mandatory contributions established by a Member State in its territory for the purpose of covering the costs related to systemic risk, failure, and resolution of institutions.
DGSs shall be entitled to an amount equal to the amount of such contributions up to the target level set out in paragraph 2 of this Article, which the Member State will make immediately available to those DGSs upon request, for use exclusively for the purposes provided for in Article 11.
DGSs are entitled to that amount only if the competent authority considers that they are unable to raise extraordinary contributions from their members. DGSs shall repay that amount through contributions from their members in accordance with Article 10(1) and (2).
5. Contributions to resolution financing arrangements under Title VII of Directive 2014/59/EU, including available financial means to be taken into account in order to reach the target level of the resolution financing arrangements under Article 102(1) of Directive 2014/59/EU, shall not count towards the target level.
6. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, Member States may, where justified and upon approval of the Commission, authorise a minimum target level lower than the target level specified in paragraph 2, provided that the following conditions are met:
(a) the reduction is based on the assumption that it is unlikely that a significant share of available financial means will be used for measures to protect covered depositors, other than as provided for in Article 11(2) and (6); and
(b) the banking sector in which the credit institutions affiliated to the DGS operate is highly concentrated with a large quantity of assets held by a small number of credit institutions or banking groups, subject to supervision on a consolidated basis which, given their size, are likely in case of failure to be subject to resolution proceedings.
That reduced target level shall not be lower than 0,5 % of covered deposits.
7. The available financial means of DGSs shall be invested in a low-risk and sufficiently diversified manner.
8. If the available financial means of a DGS are insufficient to repay depositors when deposits become unavailable, its members shall pay extraordinary contributions not exceeding 0,5 % of their covered deposits per calendar year. DGSs may in exceptional circumstances and with the consent of the competent authority require higher contributions.
The competent authority may defer, in whole or in part, a credit institution's payment of extraordinary ex-post contributions to the DGS if the contributions would jeopardise the liquidity or solvency of the credit institution. Such deferral shall not be granted for a longer period than six months but may be renewed upon the request of the credit institution. The contributions deferred pursuant to this paragraph shall be paid when such payment no longer jeopardises the liquidity or solvency of the credit institution.
9. Member States shall ensure that DGSs have in place adequate alternative funding arrangements to enable them to obtain short-term funding to meet claims against those DGSs.
10. Member States shall, by 31 March each year, inform EBA of the amount of covered deposits in their Member State and of the amount of the available financial means of their DGSs on 31 December of the preceding year.