Article 9

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Article 9
Claims against DGSs
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1. Member States shall ensure that the depositors’ rights to compensation may be the subject of an action against the DGS.
2. Without prejudice to rights which it may have under national law, the DGS that makes payments under guarantee within a national framework shall have the right of subrogation to the rights of depositors in winding up or reorganisation proceedings for an amount equal to their payments made to depositors. Where a DGS makes payments in the context of resolution proceedings, including the application of resolution tools or the exercise of resolution powers in accordance with Article 11, the DGS shall have a claim against the relevant credit institution for an amount equal to its payments. That claim shall rank at the same level as covered deposits under national law governing normal insolvency proceedings as defined in Directive 2014/59/EU.
3. Member States may limit the time in which depositors whose deposits were not repaid or acknowledged by the DGS within the deadlines set out in Article 8(1) and (3) can claim the repayment of their deposits.