Article 105

Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) > TITLE VII > CHAPTER 2 > Section IV > Article 105
Article 105
Specific liquidity requirements
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For the purposes of determining the appropriate level of liquidity requirements on the basis of the review and evaluation carried out in accordance with Section III, the competent authorities shall assess whether any imposition of a specific liquidity requirement is necessary to capture liquidity risks to which an institution is or might be exposed, taking into account the following:
(a) the particular business model of the institution;
(b) the institution's arrangements, processes and mechanisms referred to in Section II and in particular in Article 86;
(c) the outcome of the review and evaluation carried out in accordance with Article 97;
(d) systemic liquidity risk that threatens the integrity of the financial markets of the Member State concerned.
In particular, without prejudice to Article 67, competent authorities should consider the need to apply administrative penalties or other administrative measures, including prudential charges, the level of which broadly relates to the disparity between the actual liquidity position of an institution and any liquidity and stable funding requirements established at national or Union level.