Article 51

Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) > TITLE IV > CHAPTER IV > Section 5 > Subsection 3 > Article 51
Article 51
Recovery and reorganisation measures to accompany bail-in
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1. Member States shall ensure that, where resolution authorities apply the bail-in tool to recapitalise an institution or entity referred to in point (b), (c) or (d) of Article 1(1) in accordance with point (a) of Article 43(2), arrangements are adopted to ensure that a business reorganisation plan for that institution or entity is drawn up and implemented in accordance with Article 52.
2. The arrangements referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article may include the appointment by the resolution authority of a person or persons appointed in accordance with Article 72(1) with the objective of drawing up and implementing the business reorganisation plan required by Article 52.