Article 112

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Article 112
Publication of administrative penalties
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1. Member States shall ensure that resolution authorities and competent authorities publish on their official website at least any administrative penalties imposed by them for infringing the national provisions transposing this Directive where such penalties have not been the subject of an appeal or where the right of appeal has been exhausted. Such publication shall be made without undue delay after the natural or legal person is informed of that penalty including information on the type and nature of the infringement and the identity of the natural or legal person on whom the penalty is imposed.
Where Member States permit publication of penalties against which there is an appeal, resolution authorities and competent authorities shall, without undue delay, publish on their official websites information on the status of that appeal and the outcome thereof.
2. Resolution authorities and competent authorities shall publish the penalties imposed by them on an anonymous basis, in a manner which is in accordance with national law, in any of the following circumstances:
(a) where the penalty is imposed on a natural person and publication of personal data is shown to be disproportionate by an obligatory prior assessment of the proportionality of such publication;
(b) where publication would jeopardise the stability of financial markets or an ongoing criminal investigation;
(c) where publication would cause, insofar as it can be determined, disproportionate damage to the institutions or entities referred to in point (b), (c) or (d) of Article 1(1) or natural persons involved.
Alternatively, in such cases, the publication of the data in question may be postponed for a reasonable period of time, if it is foreseeable that the reasons for anonymous publication will cease to exist within that period.
3. Resolution authorities and competent authorities shall ensure that any publication in accordance with this Article shall remain on their official website for a period of at least five years. Personal data contained in the publication shall only be kept on the official website of the resolution authority or the competent authority for the period which is necessary in accordance with applicable data protection rules.
4. By 3 July 2016, EBA shall submit a report to the Commission on the publication of penalties by Member States on an anonymous basis as provided for under paragraph 2 and in particular whether there have been significant divergences between Member States in that respect. That report shall also address any significant divergences in the duration of publication of penalties under national law for Member States for publication of penalties.