Article 12

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Article 12
Group resolution plans
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1. Member States shall ensure that group-level resolution authorities, together with the resolution authorities of subsidiaries and after consulting the resolution authorities of significant branches insofar as is relevant to the significant branch, draw up group resolution plans. Group resolution plans shall include a plan for resolution of the group headed by the Union parent undertaking as a whole, either through resolution at the level of the Union parent undertaking or through break up and resolution of the subsidiaries. The group resolution plan shall identify measures for the resolution of:

(a) the Union parent undertaking;

(b) the subsidiaries that are part of the group and that are located in the Union;

(c) the entities referred to in points (c) and (d) of Article 1(1); and

(d) subject to Title VI, the subsidiaries that are part of the group and that are located outside the Union.

2. The group resolution plan shall be drawn up on the basis of the information provided pursuant to Article 11.

3. The group resolution plan shall:

(a) set out the resolution actions to be taken in relation to group entities, both through resolution actions in respect of the entities referred to in points (b), (c) and (d) of Article 1(1), the parent undertaking and subsidiary institutions and through coordinated resolution actions in respect of subsidiary institutions, in the scenarios provided for in Article 10(3);

(b) examine the extent to which the resolution tools and powers could be applied and exercised in a coordinated way to group entities established in the Union, including measures to facilitate the purchase by a third party of the group as a whole, or separate business lines or activities that are delivered by a number of group entities, or particular group entities, and identify any potential impediments to a coordinated resolution;

(c) where a group includes entities incorporated in third countries, identify appropriate arrangements for cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities of those third countries and the implications for resolution within the Union;

(d) identify measures, including the legal and economic separation of particular functions or business lines, that are necessary to facilitate group resolution when the conditions for resolution are met;

(e) set out any additional actions, not referred to in this Directive, which the group-level resolution authority intends to take in relation to the resolution of the group;

(f) identify how the group resolution actions could be financed and, where the financing arrangement would be required, set out principles for sharing responsibility for that financing between sources of funding in different Member States. The plan shall not assume any of the following:

(i) any extraordinary public financial support besides the use of the financing arrangements established in accordance with Article 100;

(ii) any central bank emergency liquidity assistance; or

(iii) any central bank liquidity assistance provided under non-standard collateralisation, tenor and interest rate terms.

Those principles shall be set out on the basis of equitable and balanced criteria and shall take into account, in particular Article 107(5) and the impact on financial stability in all Member States concerned.

4. The assessment of the resolvability of the group under Article 16 shall be carried out at the same time as the drawing up and updating of the group resolution plan in accordance with this Article. A detailed description of the assessment of resolvability carried out in accordance with Article 16 shall be included in the group resolution plan.

5. The group resolution plan shall not have a disproportionate impact on any Member State.


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