Article 56

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Article 56
Exchange of information between authorities
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Article 53(1) and Article 54 shall not preclude the exchange of information between competent authorities within a Member State, between competent authorities in different Member States or between competent authorities and the following, in the discharge of their supervisory functions:

(a) authorities entrusted with the public duty of supervising other financial sector entities and the authorities responsible for the supervision of financial markets;

(b) authorities or bodies charged with responsibility for maintaining the stability of the financial system in Member States through the use of macroprudential rules;

(c) reorganisation bodies or authorities aiming at protecting the stability of the financial system;

(d) contractual or institutional protection schemes as referred to in Article 113(7) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013;

(e) bodies involved in the liquidation and bankruptcy of institutions and in other similar procedures;

(f) persons responsible for carrying out statutory audits of the accounts of institutions, insurance undertakings and financial institutions.

Article 53(1) and Article 54 shall not preclude the disclosure to bodies which administer deposit-guarantee schemes and investor compensation schemes of information necessary for the exercise of their functions.

The information received shall in any event be subject to professional secrecy requirements at least equivalent to those referred to in Article 53(1).