Article 2

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Article 2
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1. This Directive shall apply to institutions.
2. Article 30 shall apply to local firms.
3. Article 31 shall apply to the firms referred to in point (2)(c) of Article 4(1) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013.
4. Article 34 and Title VII, Chapter 3 shall apply to financial holding companies, mixed financial holding companies and mixed-activity holding companies which have their head offices in the Union;
5. This Directive shall not apply to the following:
(1) access to the activity of investment firms in so far as it is regulated by Directive 2004/39/EC;
(2) central banks;
(3) post office giro institutions;
(4) in Belgium, the 'Institut de Réescompte et de Garantie/Herdiscontering- en Waarborginstituut';
(5) in Denmark, the 'Eksport Kredit Fonden', the 'Eksport Kredit Fonden A/S', the 'Danmarks Skibskredit A/S' and the 'KommuneKredit';
(6) in Germany, the 'Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau', undertakings which are recognised under the 'Wohnungsgemeinnützigkeitsgesetz' as bodies of State housing policy and are not mainly engaged in banking transactions, and undertakings recognised under that law as non-profit housing undertakings;
(7) in Estonia, the 'hoiu-laenuühistud', as cooperative undertakings that are recognised under the 'hoiu-laenuühistu seadus';
(8) in Ireland, credit unions and the friendly societies;
(9) in Greece, the 'Ταμείο Παρακαταθηκών και Δανείων' (Tamio Parakatathikon kai Danion);
(10) in Spain, the 'Instituto de Crédito Oficial';
(11) in France, the 'Caisse des dépôts et consignations';
(12) in Italy, the 'Cassa depositi e prestiti';
(13) in Latvia, the 'krājaizdevu sabiedrības', undertakings that are recognised under the 'krājaizdevu sabiedrību likums' as cooperative undertakings rendering financial services solely to their members;
(14) in Lithuania, the 'kredito unijos' other than the 'Centrinė kredito unija';
(15) in Hungary, the 'MFB Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság' and the 'Magyar Export-Import Bank Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság';
(16) in the Netherlands, the 'Nederlandse Investeringsbank voor Ontwikkelingslanden NV', the 'NV Noordelijke Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij', the 'NV Industriebank Limburgs Instituut voor Ontwikkeling en Financiering' and the 'Overijsselse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij NV';
(17) in Austria, undertakings recognised as housing associations in the public interest and the 'Österreichische Kontrollbank AG';
(18) in Poland, the 'Spółdzielcze Kasy Oszczędnościowo — Kredytowe' and the 'Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego';
(19) in Portugal, the 'Caixas Económicas' existing on 1 January 1986 with the exception of those incorporated as limited companies and of the 'Caixa Económica Montepio Geral';
(20) in Slovenia, the 'SID-Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d. Ljubljana';
(21) in Finland, the 'Teollisen yhteistyön rahasto Oy/Fonden för industriellt samarbete AB', and the 'Finnvera Oyj/Finnvera Abp';
(22) in Sweden, the 'Svenska Skeppshypotekskassan';
(23) in the United Kingdom, the National Savings Bank, the Commonwealth Development Finance Company Ltd, the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Ltd, the Scottish Agricultural Securities Corporation Ltd, the Crown Agents for overseas governments and administrations, credit unions and municipal banks.
6. The entities referred to in point (1) and points (3) to (23) of paragraph 5 of this Article shall be treated as financial institutions for the purposes of Article 34 and Title VII, Chapter 3.