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1.  Member States shall ensure that FIUs exchange, spontaneously or upon request, any information that may be relevant for the processing or analysis of information by the FIU related to money laundering or terrorist financing and the natural or legal person involved, regardless of the type of associated predicate offences and even if the type of associated predicate offences is not identified at the time of the exchange.

A request shall contain the relevant facts, background information, reasons for the request and how the information sought will be used. Different exchange mechanisms may apply if so agreed between the FIUs, in particular as regards exchanges through the or its successor.

When an FIU receives a report pursuant to point (a) of the first subparagraph of Article 33(1) which concerns another Member State, it shall promptly forward it to the FIU of that Member State.

2.  Member States shall ensure that the FIU to whom the request is made is required to use the whole range of its available powers which it would normally use domestically for receiving and analysing information when it replies to a request for information referred to in paragraph 1 from another FIU. The FIU to whom the request is made shall respond in a timely manner.

When an FIU seeks to obtain additional information from an obliged entity established in another Member State which operates on its territory, the request shall be addressed to the FIU of the Member State in whose territory the obliged entity is established. That FIU shall obtain information in accordance with Article 33(1) and transfer the answers promptly 1.

3.  An FIU may refuse to exchange information only in exceptional circumstances where the exchange could be contrary to fundamental principles of its national law. Those exceptions shall be specified in a way which prevents misuse of, and undue limitations on, the free exchange of information for analytical purposes.


1 Directive (EU) 2018/843 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018, (OJ L 156, 19.6.2018, p. 43)