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1.  Member States shall, for the purposes of contributing to the preparation of risk assessment pursuant to Article 7, ensure that they are able to review the effectiveness of their systems to combat money laundering or terrorist financing by maintaining comprehensive statistics on matters relevant to the effectiveness of such systems.

2.  The statistics referred to in paragraph 1 shall include:

(a) data measuring the size and importance of the different sectors which fall within the scope of this Directive, including the number of natural persons and entities and the economic importance of each sector;

(b) data measuring the reporting, investigation and judicial phases of the national AML/CFT regime, including the number of suspicious transaction reports made to the FIU, the follow-up given to those reports and, on an annual basis, the number of cases investigated, the number of persons prosecuted, the number of persons convicted for money laundering or terrorist financing offences, the types of predicate offences, where such information is available, and the value in euro of property that has been frozen, seized or confiscated;

(c) if available, data identifying the number and percentage of reports resulting in further investigation, together with the annual report to obliged entities detailing the usefulness and follow-up of the reports they presented;

(d) data regarding the number of cross-border requests for information that were made, received, refused and partially or fully answered by the FIU, broken down by counterpart country;

(e) human resources allocated to competent authorities responsible for AML/CFT supervision as well as human resources allocated to the FIU to fulfil the tasks specified in Article 32;

(f) the number of on-site and off-site supervisory actions, the number of breaches identified on the basis of supervisory actions and sanctions/administrative measures applied by supervisory authorities.

3.  Member States shall ensure that a consolidated review of their statistics is published on an annual basis.

4.  Member States shall transmit annually to the Commission the statistics referred to in paragraph 2. The Commission shall publish an annual report summarising and explaining the statistics referred to in paragraph 2, which shall be made available on its website.