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The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors and types of evidence of potentially lower risk referred to in Article 16:

(1) Customer risk factors:

(a) public companies listed on a stock exchange and subject to disclosure requirements (either by stock exchange rules or through law or enforceable means), which impose requirements to ensure adequate transparency of beneficial ownership;

(b) public administrations or enterprises;

(c) customers that are resident in geographical areas of lower risk as set out in point (3);

(2) Product, service, transaction or delivery channel risk factors:

(a) life insurance policies for which the premium is low;

(b) insurance policies for pension schemes if there is no early surrender option and the policy cannot be used as collateral;

(c) a pension, superannuation or similar scheme that provides retirement benefits to employees, where contributions are made by way of deduction from wages, and the scheme rules do not permit the assignment of a member's interest under the scheme;

(d) financial products or services that provide appropriately defined and limited services to certain types of customers, so as to increase access for financial inclusion purposes;

(e) products where the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing are managed by other factors such as purse limits or transparency of ownership (e.g. certain types of electronic money);

(3) Geographical risk factors — registration, establishment, residence in:

(a) Member States;

(b) third countries having effective AML/CFT systems;

(c) third countries identified by credible sources as having a low level of corruption or other criminal activity;

(d) third countries which, on the basis of credible sources such as mutual evaluations, detailed assessment reports or published follow-up reports, have requirements to combat money laundering and terrorist financing consistent with the revised FATF Recommendations and effectively implement those requirements.