Article 444

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Article 444
Use of ECAIs
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For institutions calculating the risk-weighted exposure amounts in accordance with Part Three, Title II, Chapter 2, the following information shall be disclosed for each of the exposure classes specified in Article 112:

(a) the names of the nominated ECAIs and ECAs and the reasons for any changes;

(b) the exposure classes for which each ECAI or ECA is used;

(c) a description of the process used to transfer the issuer and issue credit assessments onto items not included in the trading book;

(d) the association of the external rating of each nominated ECAI or ECA with the credit quality steps prescribed in Part Three, Title II, Chapter 2, taking into account that this information needs not be disclosed if the institution complies with the standard association published by EBA;

(e) the exposure values and the exposure values after credit risk mitigation associated with each credit quality step prescribed in Part Three, Title II, Chapter 2 as well as those deducted from own funds.