Article 439

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Article 439
Exposure to counterparty credit risk
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Institutions shall disclose the following information regarding the institution's exposure to counterparty credit risk as referred to in Part Three, Title II, Chapter 6:

(a) a discussion of the methodology used to assign internal capital and credit limits for counterparty credit exposures;

(b) a discussion of policies for securing collateral and establishing credit reserves;

(c) a discussion of policies with respect to Wrong-Way risk exposures;

(d) a discussion of the impact of the amount of collateral the institution would have to provide given a downgrade in its credit rating;

(e) gross positive fair value of contracts, netting benefits, netted current credit exposure, collateral held and net derivatives credit exposure. Net derivatives credit exposure is the credit exposure on derivatives transactions after considering both the benefits from legally enforceable netting agreements and collateral arrangements;

(f) measures for exposure value under the methods set out in Part Three, Title II, Chapter 6, Sections 3 to 6 whichever method is applicable;

(g) the notional value of credit derivative hedges, and the distribution of current credit exposure by types of credit exposure;

(h) the notional amounts of credit derivative transactions, segregated between use for the institution's own credit portfolio, as well as in its intermediation activities, including the distribution of the credit derivatives products used, broken down further by protection bought and sold within each product group;

(i) the estimate of α if the institution has received the permission of the competent authorities to estimate α.