Article 414

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Article 414
Compliance with liquidity requirements
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Where an institution does not meet, or expects not to meet the requirement set out in Article 412 or the general obligation set out in Article 413(1), including during times of stress, it shall immediately notify the competent authorities and shall submit without undue delay to the competent authorities a plan for the timely restoration of compliance with Article 412 or Article 413(1). Until compliance has been restored, the institution shall report the items referred to in Title II or Title III, as appropriate, daily by the end of each business day unless the competent authority authorises a lower reporting frequency and a longer reporting delay. Competent authorities shall only grant such authorisations based on the individual situation of an institution and taking into account the scale and complexity of the institution's activities. They shall monitor the implementation of the restoration plan and shall require a more speedy restoration if appropriate.