Article 347

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE IV > CHAPTER 2 > Section 5 > Article 347
Article 347
Allowance for hedges by first and nth-to default credit derivatives
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In the case of first-to-default credit derivatives and nth-to-default credit derivatives, the following treatment applies for the allowance to be given in accordance with Article 346:

(a) where an institution obtains credit protection for a number of reference entities underlying a credit derivative under the terms that the first default among the assets shall trigger payment and that this credit event shall terminate the contract, the institution may offset specific risk for the reference entity to which the lowest specific risk percentage charge among the underlying reference entities applies in accordance with Table 1 in Article 336;

(b) where the nth default among the exposures triggers payment under the credit protection, the protection buyer may only offset specific risk if protection has also been obtained for defaults 1 to n-1 or when n-1 defaults have already occurred. In such cases, the methodology set out in point (a) for first-to-default credit derivatives shall be followed appropriately amended for nth-to-default products.