Article 325bo

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE IV > CHAPTER 1b > Section 3 > Article 325bo
Article 325bo
Recognition of hedges in an internal default risk model
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1. Institutions may incorporate hedges in their internal default risk model and may net positions where the long positions and short positions relate to the same financial instrument.

2. In their internal default risk models, institutions may only recognise hedging or diversification effects associated with long and short positions involving different instruments or different securities of the same obligor, as well as long and short positions in different issuers by explicitly modelling the gross long and short positions in the different instruments, including modelling of basis risks between different issuers.

3. In their internal default risk models, institutions shall capture material risks between a hedging instrument and the hedged instrument that could occur during the interval between the maturity of a hedging instrument and the one-year time horizon, as well as the potential for significant basis risks in hedging strategies that arise from differences in the type of product, seniority in the capital structure, internal or external ratings, maturity, vintage and other differences. Institutions shall recognise a hedging instrument only to the extent that it can be maintained even as the obligor approaches a credit event or other event.