Article 159

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Article 159
On-the-spot checks
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1.    Host Member States shall provide that, where an institution auth­ orised in another Member State carries out its activities through  a branch, the competent authorities of the  home  Member  State  may, after having informed the competent authorities of the host Member State, carry out themselves or through an intermediary on-the-spot checks of the information referred to in Article 50.

2.    The competent authorities of the home Member State may also, for the purposes of such on-the-spot checking of branches, have recourse to one of the other procedures set out in Article 118.

3.    Paragraphs 1 and 2  shall  not affect the right  of the  competent authorities of the host Member State to carry out, in the discharge of their responsibilities under this Directive, on-the-spot checks  of branches established within their territory.