Article 122

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Article 122
Requests for information and inspections
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1.    Pending further coordination of consolidation methods, Member States shall provide that, where the parent undertaking of one or more institutions is a mixed-activity holding company, the competent auth­ orities responsible for the authorisation and supervision of those insti­ tutions shall, by approaching the mixed-activity holding company and its subsidiaries either directly or via subsidiaries that are institutions, require them to supply any information which would be relevant for the purpose of supervising those subsidiaries.

2.    Member States shall provide that their competent authorities may carry out, or have carried out by external inspectors, on-the-spot inspections to check information received from mixed-activity holding companies and their subsidiaries. If the mixed-activity holding company or one of its subsidiaries is an insurance undertaking, the procedure set out in Article 125 may also be used. If a mixed-activity holding company or one of its subsidiaries is  situated  in  a  Member  State other than that in which a subsidiary that is an institution is situated, on-the-spot check of information shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure set out in Article 118.