Article 95

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Article 95
Remuneration Committee
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1.    Competent authorities shall ensure that institutions that are significant in terms of their size, internal organisation and the nature, the scope and the complexity of their activities establish a remuneration committee. The remuneration committee shall be constituted in such a way as to enable it to exercise competent and independent judgment on remuneration policies and practices and the incentives created for managing risk, capital and liquidity.

2.    Competent authorities shall ensure that the remuneration committee is responsible for the preparation of decisions regarding remuneration, including those which have  implications  for  the  risk and risk management of the institution concerned and which are to be taken by the management body. The Chair and the members of the remuneration committee shall be members of  the  management  body who do not perform any executive function in the institution concerned. If employee representation on the management body is provided for by national law, the remuneration committee shall include one or more employee representatives. When preparing such decisions, the remuner­ ation committee shall take into account the long-term interests of share­ holders, investors and other stakeholders in the institution and the public interest.