Article 325aa

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE IV > CHAPTER 1a > Section 5 > Subsection 2 > Article 325aa
Article 325aa
Calculation of the own funds requirement for the default risk for securitisations
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1. Net JTD amounts of securitisation exposures shall be multiplied by 8 % of the risk weight that applies to the relevant securitisation exposure, including STS securitisations, in the non-trading book in accordance with the hierarchy of approaches set out in Section 3 of Chapter 5 of Title II and irrespective of the type of counterparty.

2. A maturity of one year shall be applied to all tranches, where risk weights are calculated in accordance with the SEC-IRBA and SEC-ERBA.

3. The risk-weighted JTD amounts for individual cash securitisation exposures shall be capped at the fair value of the position.

4. Risk-weighted net JTD amounts shall be assigned to the following buckets:

(a) one common bucket for all corporates, regardless of the region;

(b) 44 different buckets corresponding to one bucket per region for each of the 11 asset classes defined in the second subparagraph.

For the purposes of the first subparagraph, the 11 asset classes are ABCP, auto loans/leases, residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), credit cards, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), collateralised loan obligations, collateralised debt obligations squared (CDO-squared), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), student loans, other retail, other wholesale. The four regions are Asia, Europe, North America, and rest of the world.

5. In order to assign a securitisation exposure to a bucket, institutions shall rely on a classification commonly used in the market. Institutions shall assign each securitisation exposure to only one of the buckets referred to in paragraph 4. Any securitisation exposure that an institution cannot assign to a bucket for an asset class or region shall be assigned to the asset class ‘other retail’ or ‘other wholesale’ or to the region ‘rest of the world’, respectively.

6. Weighted net JTD amounts shall be aggregated within each bucket in the same manner as for default risk of non-securitisation exposures, using the formula in Article 325y(4), resulting in the own funds requirement for the default risk for each bucket.

7. The final own funds requirement for the default risk for securitisations not included in the ACTP shall be calculated as the simple sum of the bucket-level own funds requirements.