Article 315

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Article 315
Own funds requirement
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2. Where an institution has been in operation for less than three years it may use forward-looking business estimates in calculating the relevant indicator, provided that it starts using historical data as soon as it is available.

3. Where an institution can prove to its competent authority that, due to a merger, an acquisition or a disposal of entities or activities, using a three year average to calculate the relevant indicator would lead to a biased estimation for the own funds requirement for operational risk, the competent authority may permit the institution to amend the calculation in a way that would take into account such events and shall duly inform EBA thereof. In such circumstances, the competent authority may, on its own initiative, also require an institution to amend the calculation.

4. Where for any given observation, the relevant indicator is negative or equal to zero, institutions shall not take into account this figure in the calculation of the average over three years. Institutions shall calculate the average over three years as the sum of positive figures divided by the number of positive figures.