Article 79

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Article 79
Credit and counterparty risk
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Competent authorities shall ensure that:

(a)    credit-granting is based on sound and well-defined criteria and that the process for approving, amending, renewing, and re-financing credits is clearly established;

(b)    institutions have internal methodologies that enable them to assess the credit risk of exposures to individual obligors, securities or securitisation positions and credit risk at the portfolio level. In particular, internal methodologies shall not rely solely or mechanis­ tically on external credit ratings. Where own funds requirements are based  on  a  rating  by  an  External   Credit   Assessment Institution (ECAI) or based on the fact that an exposure is unrated, this shall not exempt institutions from additionally considering other relevant information for assessing their allocation of internal capital;

(c)    the ongoing administration and monitoring of the various credit risk-bearing portfolios and exposures of institutions, including for identifying and managing problem credits and for making adequate value adjustments and provisions, is operated through effective systems;

(d)    diversification of credit portfolios is adequate given an institution's target markets and overall credit strategy.