Article 297

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE II > CHAPTER 6 > Section 7 > Article 297
Article 297
Obligations of institutions
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1. An institution shall establish and maintain procedures to ensure that the legal validity and enforceability of its contractual netting is reviewed in the light of changes in the law of relevant jurisdictions referred to in Article 296(2)(b).

2. The institution shall maintain all required documentation relating to its contractual netting in its files.

3. The institution shall factor the effects of netting into its measurement of each counterparty's aggregate credit risk exposure and the institution shall manage its CCR on the basis of those effects of that measurement.

4. In the case of contractual cross-product netting agreements referred to in Article 295, the institution shall maintain procedures under Article 296(2)(c) to verify that any transaction which is to be included in a netting set is covered by a legal opinion referred to in Article 296(2)(b).

Taking into account the contractual cross-product netting agreement, the institution shall continue to comply with the requirements for the recognition of bilateral netting and the requirements of Chapter 4 for the recognition of credit risk mitigation, as applicable, with respect to each included individual bilateral master agreement and transaction.