Article 266

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE II > CHAPTER 5 > Section 3 > Subsection 3 > Article 266
Article 266
Calculation of risk-weighted exposure amounts under the Internal Assessment Approach
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1. Under the Internal Assessment Approach, the institution shall assign the unrated position in the ABCP programme or ABCP transaction to one of the rating grades laid down in point (e) of Article 265(2) on the basis of its internal assessment. The position shall be attributed a derived rating which shall be the same as the credit assessments corresponding to that rating grade as laid down in point (e) of Article 265(2).

2. The rating derived in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be at least at the level of investment grade or better at the time it was first assigned and shall be regarded as an eligible credit assessment by an ECAI for the purposes of calculating risk-weighted exposure amounts in accordance with Article 263 or Article 264, as applicable.