Article 201

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE II > CHAPTER 4 > Section 2 > Sub-Section 2 > Article 201
Article 201
Eligibility of protection providers under all approaches
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1. Institutions may use the following parties as eligible providers of unfunded credit protection:

(a) central governments and central banks;

(b) regional governments or local authorities;

(c) multilateral development banks;

(d) international organisations exposures to which a 0 % risk weight under Article 117 is assigned;

(e) public sector entities, claims on which are treated in accordance with Article 116;

(f) institutions, and financial institutions for which exposures to the financial institution are treated as exposures to institutions in accordance with Article 119(5);

(g) other corporate entities, including parent undertakings, subsidiaries and affiliated corporate entities of the institution, where either of the following conditions is met: 

(i) those other corporate entities have a credit assessment by an ECAI;

(ii) in the case of institutions calculating risk-weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts under the IRB Approach, those other corporate entities do not have a credit assessment by a recognised ECAI and are internally rated by the institution;

(h) central counterparties.

Competent authorities shall publish and maintain the list of those financial institutions that are eligible providers of unfunded credit protection under point (f) of paragraph 1, or the guiding criteria for identifying such eligible providers of unfunded credit protection, together with a description of the applicable prudential requirements, and share their list with other competent authorities in accordance with Article 117 of Directive 2013/36/EU.