Article 55

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Article 55
Cooperation agreements
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Member States and EBA, in accordance with Article  33  of  Regu­ lation (EU) No 1093/2010, may conclude cooperation agreements, providing for exchanges of information, with the supervisory authorities of third countries or with authorities or bodies of third countries in accordance with Article 56 and Article 57(1) of this Directive only if the information disclosed is subject to a guarantee that professional secrecy requirements  at  least  equivalent  to  those  referred  to  in Article 53(1) of this Directive are complied with. Such exchange of information shall be for the purpose of  performing  the  supervisory tasks of those authorities or bodies.

Where the information originates in another Member State, it shall only be disclosed with the express agreement of the authorities which have disclosed it and, where appropriate, solely for the purposes for which those authorities gave their agreement.