Article 163

Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) > PART THREE > TITLE II > CHAPTER 3 > Section 4 > Sub-Section 2 > Article 163
Article 163
Probability of default (PD)
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1.  The PD of an exposure shall be at least 0,03 %.

2.  The PD of obligors or, where an obligation approach is used, of exposures in default shall be 100 %.

3.  For dilution risk of purchased receivables PD shall be set equal to EL estimates for dilution risk. If an institution can decompose its EL estimates for dilution risk of purchased receivables into PDs and LGDs in a manner the competent authorities consider to be reliable, the PD estimate may be used.

4.  Unfunded credit protection may be taken into account by adjusting PDs subject to Article 164(2). For dilution risk, in addition to the protection providers referred to in Article 201(1)(g), the seller of the purchased receivables is eligible if the conditions set out in Article 160(4) are met.