Article 20

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Article 20
Notification of authorisation and withdrawal of authorisation
Main content: 

1.    Competent authorities shall notify EBA of every authorisation granted under Article 8.

2.    EBA shall publish on its website, and shall update regularly, a list of the names of all credit institutions that have been granted authorisation.

3.    The consolidating supervisor shall provide the competent auth­ orities concerned and  EBA  with all information regarding  the group of credit institutions in  accordance  with  Article  14(3),  Article  74(1) and Article 109(2), in particular regarding the legal and organisational structure of the group and its governance.

4.    The list referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article shall include the names of credit institutions that do not have the capital specified in Article 12(1) and shall identify those credit institutions as such.

5.    The competent authorities shall notify EBA of each withdrawal of authorisation together with the reasons for such a withdrawal.