Article 104

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Article 104
Extraordinary ex-post contributions
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1.  Where the available financial means are not sufficient to cover the losses, costs or other expenses incurred by the use of the financing arrangements, Member States shall ensure that extraordinary ex-post contributions are raised from the institutions authorised in their territory, in order to cover the additional amounts. Those extraordinary ex-post contributions shall be allocated between institutions in accordance with the rules laid down in Article 103(2).

Extraordinary ex-post contributions shall not exceed three times the annual amount of contributions determined in accordance with Article 103.

2.  Article 103(4) to (8) shall be applicable to the contributions raised under this Article.

3.  The resolution authority may defer, in whole or in part, an institution’s payment of extraordinary ex-post contributions to the resolution financing arrangement if the payment of those contributions would jeopardise the liquidity or solvency of the institution. Such a deferral shall not be granted for a period of longer than six months but may be renewed upon the request of the institution. The contributions deferred pursuant to this paragraph shall be paid when such a payment no longer jeopardises the institution’s liquidity or solvency.

4.  The Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 115 to specify the circumstances and conditions under which the payment of contributions by an institution may be deferred pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Article.