Article 90

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Article 90
Information exchange
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1.  Subject to Article 84, resolution authorities and competent authorities shall provide one another on request with all the information relevant for the exercise of the other authorities’ tasks under this Directive.

2.  The group-level resolution authority shall coordinate the flow of all relevant information between resolution authorities. In particular, the group-level resolution authority shall provide the resolution authorities in other Member States with all the relevant information in a timely manner with a view to facilitating the exercise of the tasks referred to in points (b) to (i) of the second subparagraph of Article 88(1).

3.  Upon a request for information which has been provided by a third-country resolution authority, the resolution authority shall seek the consent of the third-country resolution authority for the onward transmission of that information, save where the third-country resolution authority has already consented to the onward transmission of that information.

Resolution authorities shall not be obliged to transmit information provided from a third-country resolution authority if the third-country resolution authority has not consented to its onward transmission.

4.  Resolution authorities shall share information with the competent ministry when it relates to a decision or matter which requires notification, consultation or consent of the competent ministry or which may have implications for public funds.