Article 35

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Article 35
Special management
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1.  Member States shall ensure that resolution authorities may appoint a special manager to replace the management body of the institution under resolution. Resolution authorities shall make public the appointment of a special manager. Member States shall further ensure that the special manager has the qualifications, ability and knowledge required to carry out his or her functions.

2.  The special manager shall have all the powers of the shareholders and the management body of the institution. However, the special manager may only exercise such powers under the control of the resolution authority.

3.  The special manager shall have the statutory duty to take all the measures necessary to promote the resolution objectives referred to in Article 31 and implement resolution actions according to the decision of the resolution authority. Where necessary, that duty shall override any other duty of management in accordance with the statutes of the institution or national law, insofar as they are inconsistent. Those measures may include an increase of capital, reorganisation of the ownership structure of the institution or takeovers by institutions that are financially and organisationally sound in accordance with the resolution tools referred to in Chapter IV.

4.  Resolution authorities may set limits to the action of a special manager or require that certain acts of the special manager be subject to the resolution authority’s prior consent. The resolution authorities may remove the special manager at any time.

5.  Member States shall require that a special manager draw up reports for the appointing resolution authority on the economic and financial situation of the institution and on the acts performed in the conduct of his or her duties, at regular intervals set by the resolution authority and at the beginning and the end of his or her mandate.

6.  A special manager shall not be appointed for more than one year. That period may be renewed, on an exceptional basis, if the resolution authority determines that the conditions for appointment of a special manager continue to be met.

7.  Where more than one resolution authority intends to appoint a special manager in relation to an entity affiliated to a group, they shall consider whether it is more appropriate to appoint the same special manager for all the entities concerned in order to facilitate solutions redressing the financial soundness of the entities concerned.

8.  In the event of insolvency, where national law provides for the appointment of insolvency management, such management may constitute special management as referred to in this Article.