Article 103

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Article 103
Management of the trading book
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In managing its positions or sets of positions in the trading book the institution shall comply with all of the following requirements:

(a)    the institution shall have in place a clearly documented trading strategy for the position/instrument or portfolios, approved by senior management, which shall include the expected holding period;

(b)    the institution shall have in place clearly defined policies and procedures for the active management of positions entered into on a trading desk. Those policies and procedures shall include the following:

(i)    which positions may be entered into by which trading desk;

(ii)    position limits are set and monitored for appropriateness;

(iii)    dealers have the autonomy to enter into and manage the position within agreed limits and according to the approved strategy;

(iv)    positions are reported to senior management as an integral part of the institution's risk management process;

(v)    positions are actively monitored with reference to market information sources and an assessment made of the marketability or hedgeability of the position or its component risks, including the assessment, the quality and availability of market inputs to the valuation process, level of market turnover, sizes of positions traded in the market;

(vi)    active anti-fraud procedures and controls.

(c)    the institution shall have in place clearly defined policies and procedures to monitor the positions against the institution's trading strategy including the monitoring of turnover and positions for which the originally intended holding period has been exceeded.