Consultation on Regulatory Technical Standards on prudent valuation: Consultation on Regulatory Technical Standards on prudent valuation form

The EBA invites comments on all proposals put forward in this paper and in particular on the specific questions detailed below.

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  • provide evidence to support the views expressed/ rationale proposed; and
  • provide alternative regulatory options for consideration by the EBA.

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Articles 1 – Calculation frequency of AVAs

Question 1. Are you able to calculate and report fair values and AVAs with a monthly frequency? 

Article 3– Data sources

Article 3a – Data requirements

Article 4 – Threshold calculation

Article 7 – Fall-back approach

Article 8 – General requirements for the calculation of AVAs under the core approach

Articles 9, 10, 11 – MPU, CoC and model risk AVAs

Article 12 – UCS AVAs

Articles 14 and 15 – Concentrated positions AVAs and FAC AVAs

Articles 19a and 19b – Framework for extraordinary circumstances

Annex – Aggregation factor for UCS AVAs

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