Public hearing on Monitoring of the LCR implementation

Date : 08/07/2019 | Duration: 13:00 - 16:00 (Paris time) | Location:

EBA premises in Paris

The EBA intends to present its approach with regard to the monitoring of the LCR implementation in the EU and its related forthcoming first public report.

The applicable regulatory provisions for the LCR envisage a substantial number of national discretions to be exercised by competent authorities when implementing the LCR requirements, as well as  some leeway for institutions in the assessment of some LCR items. With a view to contributing to a consistent application of EU law and promoting common supervisory approaches and practices, a monitoring of the practical implementation of the LCR has been performed by the EBA. Against this background the EBA intends to provide some observations on some aspects of the LCR implementation and its views on the assessment of some observed practices. In addition, the EBA has identified some best practices and/or areas where further guidance to banks and supervisors might be necessary.

Deadline for registration is 01/07/2019 16:00 (Paris time)

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