Consultation on draft ITS on additional liquidity monitoring metrics (

Start Date: 23/05/2013 | Deadline: 14/08/2013 | Status: CLOSED |

The European Banking Authority (EBA) launches today a consultation on draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) related to supervisory reporting of additional monitoring metrics for liquidity The consultations run until 14 August 2013.

The proposed ITS aim at developing additional metrics other than those used to report liquidity coverage and stable funding requirements with a view to providing supervisors with an adequate toolkit to assess liquidity risk and to facilitate their work in performing reviews of Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Processes (ILAAP).

The following five metrics are proposed in the draft ITS:

  • Maturity ladder, both contractual and behavioural
  • Concentration of funding by counterparty
  • Prices for various sources of funding
  • Roll-over of funding

To avoid double reporting, the definitions for additional reporting items have been aligned, to the greatest extent possible, with those of the draft ITS on liquidity risk reporting.

As for the scope and level of application, the additional metrics will be reported on a consolidated and/or individual basis, as appropriate. In particular, the default reporting frequency of the additional metrics will be one month but it can be reduced to a quarterly frequency if certain conditions are met.

The EBA is expected to submit these ITS to the European Commission by 1 January 2014.


The final comprise on the Capital Requirements Regulation and Capital Requirements Directive (CRR/CRD) provides a mandate for the EBA to develop draft RTS or ITS related to liquidity and liquidity reporting requirements.

These standards will be part of the Single Rulebook aiming at enhancing regulatory harmonisation in Europe.

Consultation process

Comments to the consultation paper on additional liquidity monitoring metrics can be sent to the EBA by e-mail by e-mail to by 14 August 2013, indicating the reference EBA/CP/2013/18.

All contributions received will be published unless you request otherwise.

A public hearing on the consultation on additional liquidity monitoring metrics will take place at the EBA premises on 10 July 2013 from 10:00 to 13:00 UK time. To register for this public hearing, click here.