The EBA has relocated to new premises. On 15 December 2014, the EBA moved into its new offices in Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA. Find out more »

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The EBA has relocated to new premises

The EBA has moved to its new offices in Canary Wharf in London on 15 December 2014. Please click here to find all relevant information on the new EBA premises and relevant changes in the address that you may want to take into consideration for your meetings and correspondence.



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  • EBA publishes final draft technical standards on joint decisions for approval of internal models

    The EBA published today its final draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on joint decisions related to the approval of internal models. The objective of these standards is to facilitate the interaction and cooperation between competent authorities and to strengthen supervision of cross-border banking groups across the EU. These ITS will be part of the Single Rulebook aimed at enhancing regulatory harmonisation in the banking sector at EU level.

    18/12/2014 - Press releases

  • Repeal of the EBA capital preservation recommendation

    Following a decision by the EBA's Board of Supervisors on 15 December 2014, the EBA Recommendation from July 2013 on the preservation of Core Tier 1 capital of EU banks during the transition to the Capital Requirements Directive/Capital Requirements Regulation framework (EBA/REC/2013/03) has been repealed and therefore is no longer into force.

    18/12/2014 - News

  • EBA issues revised list of ITS validation rules

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued today a revised list of validation rules in its Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting, highlighting those which have been deactivated either for incorrectness or for triggering IT problems. National authorities throughout the EU are informed that data submitted in accordance with these ITS should not be validated against the set of deactivated rules.

    18/12/2014 - News

  • EBA publishes criteria to assess other systemically important institutions (O-SIIs)

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued today its final Guidelines defining the criteria that EU competent authorities will use to identify institutions that are systemically important either at Union or Member State level, the so-called ‘other systemically important institutions’ (O-SIIs). These Guidelines aim at setting uniform parameters at EU level while taking into account specificities of Member States’ individual banking sectors, so as to achieve an appropriate degree of convergence in the identification process as well as at ensuring a comparable, clear and transparent assessment of systemically important institutions in the EU.

    16/12/2014 - Press releases

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